Oct 31, 2011

22 Miles

AKA the longest long run.

I did it. I doubted my ability to do this run given it was my first run over 18 miles this training cycle (and in 2 years..). Both of my previous 20 mile runs were converted to 18 miles because of some setbacks.

When I was training for the NYC marathon in 2009 I stuck to my schedule like it was my new found religion. I only veered off course maybe 3 times in 18 weeks. I did my 2 scheduled 20 mile runs and wrapped up the monster month with a 22 mile run.

I think doing 22 gives a little extra confidence boost because the difference between running 20 miles and running 26 miles is HUGE. So for me pushing/training for an extra 2 miles brings me comfort (mental - plenty of physical discomfort) and confidence.

Thankfully I (very reluctantly) packed my tights at the last minute before heading back home this weekend. I literally shoved them in my suitcase as I was walking out the door. I was prepared for it to be cold in all other ways (gloves, ear warmers, layers, etc.) but I just had a difficult time accepting the fact that it might be cold enough to wear all of those PLUS tights. In retrospect I wish I had also packed my vest.

I opted for a new route that took me on some pretty deserted roads that, from what I remembered, promised to be pretty flat. It was about 30 degrees outside and I couldn't help but stop to take these pictures as I passed the Erie Canal with the sun coming up.

Those hills in the middle were an unpleasant surprise.

I owned you.
9:31 min/mile
Avg HR 159


  • I was able to test out my new fueling plan and a little and I'm feeling good about it.  As of now my plan is to take two shot bloks on the hour and one at the half hour.  I wasn't ravenously hungry by the end of the run so that's also a plus.

The BAD:

  • I was in the ZONE (I didn't even stop at the turn around point - just kept running through) on my way back and had to stop for a train right before mile 16 for a solid 5 minutes. Awful. 
  • The pain train came rolling through right around mile 18


  • I could feel frostbite forming on my ass when I was only 7 miles into the run. It was effing cold. Luckily I have the best mom in the world and carry my cell phone in my hydration pack. She was able to meet me where I was with another layer. 


  • Mile 20 I was running through town and a guy coming out of his driveway says "hey, I saw you running 2 hours ago" I laughed and told him I was on mile 20, with which he replied "holy shit". I laughed and kept running.
  • Mile 21 I stopped to mentally prepare for the last uphill mile and walk for a second. A police officer pulls over and motions for me to roll my window down (yes, that happened). I took an earbud out and he asks "how many miles are you running?? I saw you early this morning and thought you must be running a marathon". I laughed because it was not what I was expecting him to say. He then began to tell me about how he ran MCM for 5 years and how great it was and reminded me to stay focused. It was so great. I was pumped through the last bitch of a mile. Such a different story from when I did it back in '09 (STRUGGLES). 
  • Pancakes when I got back to my mom's house. Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is?

It should also be known that you should never underestimate the power of Justin Beiber at mile 20.

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