Nov 7, 2011

YURBUDS! - A Review

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of headphones for a while now. I've been using the simple Apple ones that come with an ipod and they've been okay. Recently the wire has been starting to fall apart and the speakers getting crackly with the rubber on the edges fraying. 

I did some very brief research (READ: window shopping) and decided I had no idea what I was really looking for. I've glanced at the Yurbuds in the stores but thought they were a little too pricey to impulse buy.

Cue the BIRTHDAY! Apparently I have a BF who listens really well and is into technology enough to actually do legit research. #winning (sorry, had to). Anyways..

Yurbuds Inspire Pro
I was hesitant about these (as was the BF about buying them) because I'm really weird about my ears. Long story short - they're awful and sensitive with a long history of being bitches (more specifically - chronic ear infections, scarring, tubes, etc.). Also, they are small, so I've been told.

They have a twist lock type mechanism that keeps them tight in your ears. You put them in your ear at an angle and then twist them into place. You can yank downward on the cord and they don't budge.. seriously.

When I first opened them I tried jogging in place and whipping my head around among other things. I looked like a fool but they passed my initial tests.

They also come with a larger size "bud" to switch if you happen to have bigger ears. The packaging says that if you have further fitting problems you can take a picture of your ear next to a quarter and they will send you a special fit. Sweet.

The Yurbuds also claim to be sweat proof which is awesome in and of itself. I think my incredibly salty sweat has been the downfall of MANY pairs of headphones. Only time will really tell on this one. But I'm confident in them.

Perfect fit
The true test was on my disasterous 16 mile run on Sunday.  They didn't move once and I never ever had to adjust them. With my Apple ones I was constantly adjusting them to direct the music into my ear canal rather than at my ear lobe. I've also had ones that go over the ear and I was never crazy about them either. These Yurbuds rock. They don't bother my "sensitive" ears at all. They even sound better than my old ones. Now this isn't a very technical description especially considering the deteriorating status of my old headphones and my terrible sense of hearing. BUT they seem to sound very clear and the music seems much more direct if that's possible. I don't need the music turned up nearly as loud as I used to in order to hear at the same level.

Three button control 
Lastly - and best(ly?). They have a 3 click remote type system on the cord. You can control volume, pause, and move to the next song all at the touch of a button. This is hands down the most incredible part about them. I don't have to fudge with the clear plastic coat on my ipod case, accidently jack up the music too loud because I moved my finger wrong around the dial, AND I never have to take my gloves off in sub zero temperatures to change the music or song because the ipod doesn't sense glove material. Also, it's great on long runs because instead of wearing my arm band I stash it in one of the pockets of my hydration vest and not having to fudge with it's location to change a song or adjust the volume saves so much time and energy. LOVE.

So if you are indeed in the market for headphones I highly recommend the Yurbuds Inspire Pro. Highly.

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