Dec 2, 2011

Dear Santa,

It's December already!! Which means Christmas is right around the corner. I've compiled you a list of things that this runner who has big goals and even bigger dreams for 2012 would be incredibly happy to find under the Christmas tree this year. Please note, this might also be super handy for other runners on your list :)

CEP Compression Socks - like a hug for your legs. I love my bright pink ones and I think a pair of neon green or plain black would go nicely. Size III.

CW-X Insulator/Stability Tights (full length) - like a WARM hug for your legs when it's literally freezing outside. This way I can avoid having to call my mom to bring me another layer mid-run to prevent getting frostbite on my booty.

Garmin 610 - My 405 has seen better days and to be honest the 610 is just way better and cooler. Obviously, I would donate my 405 to an aspiring runner because it changed my life and could do the same for someone else.

iTunes Gift Cards - an endless source of motivation = good music

Barnes & Noble Gift Cards - for audiobooks to listen to while running and for Nook books for the elliptical or stationary bike. Also I'm a nerd and like to read a lot about running and triathlons.

Fleet Feet Gift Cards - You just can't go wrong here. I love this store with all my heart and go out of my way to get things here, even if they are more expensive sometimes.

Lululemon Gift Cards - Best workout clothes in the face of the earth. Unfortunately they also happen to be priced accordingly.. exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 (because I haven't tried out the new 12s yet) - Size 9.5 :) Purple if you can still find make them. You can NEVER have too many pairs of running shoes. 

Since 2012 will be the year of my first ever (and possibly first of many) triathlons...

Goggles and Swim Cap - do your research, Santa. I want some really good ones that won't let water leak into my eyes and get all foggy :)

PhillyTri Registration - A girl has to have goals.

Bike Trainer - No, not a person, silly. An indoor setup for my bike so I can watch TV and kick my butt to get ready for my first triathlon.

Some things I absolutely love and already own that you might want to also consider for other runners this year:

Yurbuds Inspire Pro - A review

Nathan Intensity Hydration Pack - best running investment I made this year

Smart Wool Socks -- a winter/spring MUST have

Tikka Plus2 Head Lamp - another must have for those dark early morning or evening runs.

Nike Tempo Shorts - I currently own approximately 12 pairs and they never let me down.

SpiBelt - Super duper handy on race day. I plan on using it A LOT next year.

Lastly, Santa - an iPhone 4S :) Because, well, I think I've been really really really good this year.

I hope that helps!

Meg <3

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