Dec 30, 2011

Photo Friday: Christmas edition

So perhaps you read my goals for 2012? You may have noticed two things - I would like to blog more and I'm initiating a picture a day project. So I'm going to try and kill two birds with one stone. That's a pretty awful metaphor when you actually type it out. Anyways... I'm thinking I will post my pictures from the week every friday. This week I will start with a few of my favorite things from Christmas this year. 

Note, had I thought about this idea in advance it would probably be a post with more family and meaningful things BUT I didn't so it's mostly materialistic. Judge away. 

Also, I promise less words in future editions :)

Off to Chris' work Christmas party
Waiting on Santa :) 

Christmas morning mimosas - best tradition ever. 
Oh, just the best Christmas present ever. The new Garmin Forerunner 610. It's downright sexy.
SmartWool neck/face warmer for running. Solid. 


Sweaty Bands. These things seriously rock.
No, not a cat. A 7 cup food processor. Look out, kitchen.

Most people are bummed when they get socks for Christmas. BUT these are the best socks in the universe for runners.

Yep. 2012.
That is all. How'd I do? In case you couldn't tell, my family is incredibly supportive/enabling in my running addiction :)

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