Dec 4, 2011

What's Next?!

I considered this week to be my first real week back into my groove post Philadelphia Marathon. I cross trained a couple days last week but nothing spectacular. I did what I felt like and I was perfectly okay with not feeling like doing much.

This week was a whole new ball game. I'm not exactly sure what has gotten into me but I LOVE it and I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon. I think it has a lot to do with having a rough time at the marathon.

I find that while training for a race (a marathon in particular) I fall into the habit of "just running". Part of me is scared of doing too much and having it negatively impact my running but in reality, not doing other things probably does more bad than good. The other part of me is probably just lazy. This is one of the many things that I'm aiming to change about the way I train next year. Starting now. I'm easing myself back into running and mileage and incorporating more cross training. I have even developed (with A LOT of help from the bf) a strength training routine that I love. I can't wait to keep improving and get stronger.

This week I was all about getting outside my comfort zone and doing whatever made me happy. Here's a look at how my week went.

3 miles EZ

Arc Trainer 40:00
Stationary bike 20:00
Strength (Back & Biceps)
  seated row 3x8x40
  shoulder shrugs (front and side) 3x8x15
  bicep curl 3x8x10
  bicep curl maching 3x8x20

Run 3.3 miles. Dropped off my car for new tires, ran home. Ran back to pick it up. No watch, just running! I only know the distance because I've done it once before.

Arc Trainer 30:00
Strength (Legs & Shoulders)
  adductor machine 3x8x50
  abductor machine 3x8x70
  hamstring curls
  glute extensions 3x8x20
  dumbbell shoulder press 3x8x15
  machine shoulder press 3x8x25
  leg press 3x8x50
  squats 3x10
Run 1 mile after all the strength training... because I FELT LIKE IT!!

Run 6 miles - impromptu progressive tempo run. I went out for 3-4 easy miles and changed my mind after the first mile. It felt SO good. I felt like I found my fast again. I think I must have left it in the trails somewhere when I was training for Philly. I'm especially impressed given Thursday's leg work.

For split/mile 5 I alternated 0.10 miles sprinting with running. It was the epitome of having fun while kicking my ass. Love.

Strength (Chest & Triceps)
  bench press 1x8x45, 1x8x50, 1x8x55
  skull crushers 3x8x15bar
  incline dumbbell chest press 3x8x15
  chest fly 1x8x40, 1x8x45, 1x8x50
  tricep extension machine 1x8x20, 1x8x25, 1x8x30

Run 8 miles - I went out on my usual path with the intention of just running to my heart's content. I didn't have any time, pace, or distance goals. I brought my handheld and just went running. It was beautiful and I could not have asked for a better run.

21 miles
strength training x 3
90 minutes cross training
feeling more motivated than ever. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Goals for next week:
run 4 days 20-25 miles
long run 8-10 miles
spin class x 1... maybe get out on my bike if the weather holds up
strength x 3
   back & biceps
   chest & triceps
   legs & shoulders
attempt a pull-up
start core work
more protein

It feels good to not be training for anything in particular. I'm just out there doing what feels good. I've got my eyes on a late winter 5k and I'm throwing a bunch of big goals around my head for next year so stay tuned. Happy running.

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