2012 Goals

When I think about what I want 2012 to be about these words probably encompass it best: consistency, endurance, strength, happiness, flexibility. They pertain to all aspects of my life and reflect characteristics I hope to embody and focus on in 2012.

average 25 mpw  ---> 25-30 miles per week
1300 miles for the year  ---> 1500 miles
sub 22:00 5k (PR 22:19)
sub 1:50:00 half marathon ---> 1:45:00 or bust
sub 3:55:00 marathon (PR 3:58:32)
4 day run week
quality workout at least 1 x week (hills, tempo, speed work, etc.)
run with intention. no more crap/junk/trash miles.
run a mile as fast as I can in Janurary, June, and December.

do an unassisted pull-up ---> do 10
bench press 100lb (3 sets) ---> bench press my weight
upper body strength training 2 x week (back/bicep + chest/tricep)
leg strength training 1 x week

get outside my comfort zone. get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
cross-train 2 x week
1 complete rest day a week
spin class 1x week  ---> 2 x week
yoga 1 x week
take swim lessons
bike to Center City Philadelphia on the Schulykill and back
do a triathlon

take a picture a day
stop picking my cuticles
stop swearing like a trucker ---> stop swearing
work on my posture
blog more. at least 3 x week
go to Vegas
floss every day
read 12 books for fun
organize my race bibs in a fun way for display
plan a wine tour
visit RIT
mail birthday and Christmas cards

pass NLCEX
obtain a position as a Registered Nurse in SE PA
join a professional nursing association
finish and submit Villanova application
start the bridge courses for BSN or MSN

Some goals I have added what I call "second levels" to. My first goal is what I think are realistic and attainable ... a SMART goal, if you will.  I plan on reassessing my goals every few months and if the "second level" begins to seem realistic then I will adjust to my bigger (now attainable) goal. Make sense?