About Me

Hi there. My name is Meg and I'm a runner. I haven't always been a runner. I just picked it up a few years ago to lose some weight and I ended up enjoying it. I'm particularly fond of peanut butter, out and backs, coffee, fitness, learning, nutrition, goal setting, office supplies, hills, and chocolate.

This blog revolves around the one big goal that I've set this year... to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I plan on sharing my adventures in training, eating, and learning on my journey to a Boston qualifier. I might fall flat on my face, shred my achilles tendons, strain a hamstring or two, or eat too many bagels, but when 2011 is over I can say I tried my damn hardest. So follow along for some humor if nothing else.

Disclaimer/Update: A BQ is NOT in the cards for 2011. Feel free to browse around see why :) However, I am learning A LOT this year. 2012 is going to rock so hard. Also, I'm terrible at punctuation and I don't really proof read. Now you know.

Me and my biggest fan (my mom) after the NYC Marathon 2009

Again. Post Philly Marathon 2011


5k      22:19  Cupid's Chase 5k 2/12/11
10k    46:50  Baldwinsville Turkey Trot 11/27/10
15k    1:15:14 Boilermaker 7/12/09
10mi  1:21:14 Mountain goat 5/3/09
13.1   1:51:02 Empire State Marathon (half) 10/16/11
26.2   3:58:32 NYC Marathon 11/1/2009